Quinoa Bowl with Honey-Chipotle Chicken

There is something special about a meal in a bowl. I really like the idea of: a) no side dishes to fuss with; b) something healthy, something grilled, anything with avocado; and c) using my shallow bowls for something and calling it dinner. I have the same love for cobb salads, or a hearty soup […]

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Spiced Pecan, Cheddar, and Apple Salad

It’s the holidays, and if you’re like me you’re desperate for some salad. To be clear – this is a salad I make year-round, but there’s something about the apple, and the nuts, and the tangy cheddar that just works so perfectly with winter dishes. I’m a let’s-put-berries-in-salad kind of person, so when the berries […]

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Quinoa Tabbouleh

I like quinoa. A lot. It has a very slight crunch, and I like the little spiral in each of the grains, which is the translucent germ that appears once cooked. Quinoa is good with other proteins, like salmon or chicken, and also good in things like pancakes or muffins. You can use a stock […]

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