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New York City’s Milk Bar, is renowned for many things, among them: Compost Cookies┬«, corn cookies, and, of course, Crack Pie┬«. Cheeky? Yes. Obsessive worthy? I’ve heard, yes. I’ve never been to Milk Bar, but now that they’ve branched out to Toronto, I feel like our next trip out east will feature a stop at […]

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Mango Sorbet

When you live in Canada, there are certain times of the year where there’s an exciting imported fruit in season. The summer proves bountiful with lovely, fresh fruit grown here in our beautiful country. Fruit like peaches and apples and berries. But the winter – not so much. The first Meyer lemon I see at […]

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Monster Cookies

These cookies are the first thing I ever remember making or baking. Ever. This is it – this is where I think I first fell in love with the kitchen. Not surprisingly, my Dad made these when I was growing up. They were (still are) the best. He got the recipe from my maternal Grandma […]

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