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Best Blueberry Muffins

I come from a family of muffin eaters. When I was growing up, it was totally normal (and expected) to wake up to a house filled with the wonderful aromas of a freshly baked breakfast. And not just on the weekend, I recall many school day mornings waking up to just-baked muffins or scones. I […]

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Breakfast Risotto

I grew up not liking risotto…but that’s probably because my Mum didn’t put bacon in it! This Breakfast Risotto is something Marcus and I¬†actually almost never eat for breakfast. We’re breakfast for dinner people, and this hits the mark every time. Marcus is the pancake-maker in our little family (I make the waffles – clear […]

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Granola Bars

It’s not uncommon for my Dad to pass on recipes he and my Mum have come across. I’ve made these several times now. A batch went to work, a batch was eaten for dinner I’m ashamed to say, a batch had fingers in the uncooked batter, and finally a batch was brewed up as Marcus […]

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