Vietnamese Hot Dogs


So, Marcus and I are in Canmore for another day and this is what the backyard looks like (miserable pup included):


I’ve convinced Marcus to grill outside 2 nights in a row (good man!), and I think it’s official: I’m in winter denial. I like winter, and I like living in a place with distinct seasons. But there’s something about going from lovely, crisp fall days, to this in mere hours, that really got me down.


This is much more about assembly and garnishes, and less recipe. It’s super bright. It has great balance between the creamy, spicy sriracha mayo and the acidic, pickled slaw. Fresh cilantro, crunchy cucumber, and lots of sweet Hoisin make this Vietnamese-inspired dog really fresh and flavourful. There’s so much good stuff going on that I even think a tofu dog or veggie option would taste great for all my vegetarian friends – Sister, this one’s for you!


Pip the pup, carrot quality control supervisor (carrots were A-ok).


Is this recipe meant for summer? Absolutely. Does it taste even better watching the snow fall? Probably. Until now, my favourite way to enjoy hot dogs was with a little ketchup and lots of spicy mustard. This take on Vietnamese Hot Dogs is a tasty alternative, and begs this very important question: what other worldly cuisines can I put on a hot dog? Feta, tzatziki, red onions a la Greece? Salsa, avocado, chiles, queso fresco a la Mexico? And what is sure to Marcus’ favourite…the Hawaiian dog with pineapple and a ham/bacon creation.


I’m not a big fan of raw peppers, whether sweet or hot. I’m also not the person dipping (or dousing?) my spring rolls or other delicious things in hot sauce. When these dogs come together however, the spice and heat is heavenly. I wish I had put another teaspoon of sriracha in the mayo blend.



Winter is here, at least on my side of the world. Grilling in snow is upon us, and in true Canadian fashion we shall bundle up, brave the bracing cold, and barbecue up these babies. They’ll taste great on the patio in August too – but until then… :).




Vietnamese Hot Dogs

Adapted from My Name is Yeh’s Banh Mi Hot Dogs

For the slaw:

1 cup shredded carrots (I used my vegetable peeler)

1 cup shredded jicama (ditto with the vegetable peeler)

2 pinches sea salt

1/4 cup white sugar

1/2 cup white vinegar

1 cup water

For hot dogs and garnishes:

8 quality hot dogs

8 hot dog buns, I prefer whole wheat

1 English cucumber, seeded and cut into long strips

Hoisin, to top hot dogs

Sriracha mayo (1/2 cup mayo plus 2 tsp sriracha, or more to your tastes)

Fresh cilantro sprigs

1 hot pepper, julienned

Make the slaw: combine all of the ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate. When ready to eat, strain excess liquid and transfer slaw mixture to a bowl to serve.

Grill your dogs. Place them in a bun, and top with a cucumber slice, sriracha mayo, hoisin, slaw, hot pepper, and cilantro. Repeat!


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